Step By Step Guide for Water Damage RestorationStep By Step Guide for Water Damage Restoration
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Water Damage Restoration - What Everyone Should Know

Flooding of a house may result from excess rainfall, leakages from taps and pipes, and overflow of channels, dams or sewages. Relatively small amounts of water can be managed individually, but above 2 inches of water level leads to house damage and calls for emergency treatment.

In the United States, specifically in Gaithersburg, MD, house floods are common as a result of heavy rainfall since the place is known for high humidity rates, which intensify the amount of water held in the atmosphere. This results in frequent and heavy rainfall that can result in floods. Gaithersburg MD is known to have many stretches of water, ponds, and pools; hence, it lowers the number of drainage outlets and increases the odds of encountering a house flood in case of overflows and spills of water. Unlike other areas in the US, it has a higher rainfall rate across the year, increasing the amounts of water on the surface.

The water damage restoration checklist is the key guideline for the maintenance of the damaged house and has a few steps to be followed.


  1. You should contact us, the Flood Damage Pro of Gaithersburg team, immediately after realizing the damage.
  2. A series of questions are asked to enable us to locate the place and identify the necessary tools required.
  3. If the water source is within the house, you should try to stop the source of water, i.e., block the busted pipes or close the tap draining the water. If the source is external e.g., rain, overflow of sewage, pond, or pools, identify the entry point and try blocking it.

Upon arrival, the professional team conducts a thorough inspection of the property to identify any flood damage and any form of contamination.

You should wear protective gloves and boots to prevent injury from any form of damage.


  1. With the help of the team, you should block furniture or move them using lifting machines to avoid further damage to rusting or staining.
  2. The Flood Damage Pro of Gaithersburg team uses unyielding pumps and truck-mounted vacuum devices to dry the place within a short time. When handling a sewage cleanup, the team uses a vacuum truck to reduce the overflow first before drying the house.
  3. Having a bathroom with good drainage system assists in easing drainage.


On inspection of floors and walls, they may seem dry on looking but feel wet in touch. Air movers and dehumidifiers are best in achieving the required dryness. Moisture meters help monitor the progress.

  1. You should notify the team on all areas that the water may have reached to dry the surface completely.
  2. You should ensure carpets and furniture are well dried too to avoid warping and mold growth.

Cleaning and Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration involves professional treatments, like getting rid of any odor and deodorization. This is mostly relevant in a sewage cleanup to avoid the spread of infections.

  1. Ensure the professional team deodorizes all rooms and surfaces contaminated that would lead to infections and diseases.
  2. You should inspect damaged furniture and request a replacement from the team.
  3. You should replace furniture that is beyond repair.
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